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  • AnnMarie

    I knew exactly what you meant. I did the same thing when I was pregnant with my twins and there were so many stories on a message board I frequented. So much of what you said here I totally identify with and for a year, I was on autopilot when someone asked me how I was. The rest of the world just wanted me to be okay so it was as if giving them that answer made everything okay. I lied through my teeth. I became a pro at it. It was a very dark place but I did come out of it. Still cracked but not broken. Hugs to you. I’m so glad that you found me today.
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    • admin

      YES. to everything you said in this comment, ann marie. i know we were meant to find one another. i love what you said, “still cracked but not broken.” that’s exactly what i hope to be someday. i’m so sorry for your loss, what you have been through, but i’m grateful that you responded to my comment because i needed your wisdom. you’re a wonderful, beautiful soul and i’m so inspired by you.